So... Who are we?

The set of posters to the right of the screen were created by members of the congregation as a way of expressing some of who and what we are. First and foremost we're Christians and as Christians we strive to live out our faith in our community in many ways. For almost 250 years our church has been a focal point in the community as a place not only to share our faith, but for people to come together in community in many ways: Boy Scout meetings, Girl Scout meetings, Luncheon gatherings and meetings for many town groups.

As a people of God we're also called to reach out and to help those in need. Our Board of Missions collects those portions of our pledges that we earmark for missions and distribute those offerings to a wide range of organizations in the local area, in Worcester County, and to groups whose missions reach to all corners of the world.

And we are stewards. Our church has been here for generations of life events for the people of Princeton: Marriages, Baptisms, Confirmations, Funerals and Memorial Services. Town meetings were once held within our walls. Christmas concerts, summer BBQs, Christmas Craft Fairs and many other events open to and for the the community are held in either our Sanctuary or downstairs in Fellowship Hall.

Generation upon generation have given of their time, talent and treasure to make sure that this tradition of community support and caring have continued and now it's our turn.

For generations church was where the community came together both in faith and in friendship. With all of the obligations facing us daily and the wealth of social media opportunities to connect remotely, we've all lost some of that sense of community that can only be found when people come together.

Thank you for taking time to read about us! More information can be found by clicking on the menus to the left, but the best way to truly learn about us is to experience it first hand. Come join us on Sunday morning. We hope to see you in church soon!